Prof. Hyotcherl Ihee

Professor Hyotcherl Ihee has been widely recognized as a distinguished scientist and a prominent leader in the field of time-resolved X-ray solution scattering and time-resolved optical spectroscopy. His research is focused on understanding the structural dynamics of a wide range of molecules covering small molecules to proteins using time-resolved X-ray liquidography (or solution scattering), time-resolved X-ray crystallography and time-resolved optical spectroscopy. In particular, he has made significant contributions to the establishment of time-resolved X-ray liquidography, which is a state-of-the-art method for visualizing the three-dimensional molecular structures of the reaction intermediates in the liquid and solution phases. Using the technique, he has elucidated the structural dynamics and mechanisms of various haloalkanes, photocatalysts, and proteins. Also, Professor Ihee has revealed the relationships of catalyst-substrate association for diverse metathesis Mo and Ru catalysts using time-dependent fluorescence quenching spectroscopy.

In 2006, Professor Ihee received the Young Scientist Award, one of the most prestigious prizes for academic achievement in Korea. He is also a recipient of the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies (KOFST) best paper award and Morino lectureship award. Professor Ihee has co-authored about one hundred peer-reviewed journal papers, and was appointed to an editorial board member of the ChemPhysChem in 2011.


    2001  Ph.D.
         California Institute of Technology
        (Graduate Advisor: Professor Ahmed H. Zewail, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 1999)
    1994  B.S.
         Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology


         Group Leader, Center for Nanomaterials and Chemical Reactions
        (Institute for Basic Science)
         Director, Center for Time-Resolved Diffraction
        (National Creative Research Initiatives by MOST/KOSEF)
         Professor, Department of Chemistry, KAIST
         Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, KAIST
         Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, KAIST
         Damon Runyon Cancer Research Postdoctoral Fellow
         The University of Chicago
        (Postdoctoral Advisor: Professor Keith Moffat)
         Postdoctoral Fellow
         California Institute of Technology

Awards and Honors

         KAIST 10 Best Research Achievements in 2013
         Morino Lectureship Award
         KAIST Teaching Excellence Award
         KAIST Teaching Excellence Award
         Lectureship Award from Chemical Society of Japan
         2009년 교육과학기술부 대표우수연구성과 인증패(60 선 선정)
         2009년 국가개발 우수성과패(100 선 선정)
         Best Oral Paper at 10th Eurasia Conference on Chemical Sciences
         KAIST Teaching Excellence Award
         KAIST Academic Excellence Award
         16th KOFST Best Paper Award
         10th Young Scientist Award (MOST / KIAS)
         Best Lecturer Award (KAIST Chemistry Department)
         Damon Runyon Cancer Research Fellow
         Graduated with highest honors from KAIST

Editorial Advisory Board & Chairs & Oarganizers & Sponsors

         Editorial Advisory Board Member of ChemPhysChem
    2008-2011 (3-year term)  
         LCLS User Organization Executive Committee Member
         Coordinator of Korean side for 13th East Asian Workshop on Chemical Reactions
         Local Organizing Committee Member of 2nd Asian Spectroscopy Conference
         Sponsor of 2nd Asian Spectroscopy Conference
         Organizer of International Symposium on Molecular Biophysics and Interfaces
         Session chair of International Symposium on Molecular Biophysics and Interfaces
         Co-chair at KIOST International Workshop 2008, KAIST, Daejeon, Korea
         Organizer of 2008 Asian-core Symposium, Daejeon, Korea
         Sponsor at 2007 Korea-Japan Symposium on Frontier Photoscience, Daegu, Korea
         Organizing committee at the 12th Korea-Japan Joint Symposium on Frontiers of          Molecular Science, Jeju, Korea
         Co-chair at a symposium at SRI (Synchrotron Radiation Instruments), Daegu, Korea

(TEL) +82-42-350-2844
(FAX) +82-42-350-2810

KAIST, Daehak-ro 291
Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, 305-701, South Korea